Uintah Canyon Fishing

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IMG_0663 In the higher reaches of the canyons the canyon drops quickly and the canyon walls are steep making the water fast and cold.  The fish are small in these upper stretches, but they make up in beauty what they lack in size.  These upper section of the canyons provide beautiful forest scenery, great small stream fishing, and beautiful wild fish. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? This cold, fast moving water mainly holds native cutthroat and wild brook trout that are eager to take dries, so days spent up in these higher stretches are non-stop action on dry flies.  These wild fish are brightly colored and the patterns and colors on these beautiful fish rival any natural beauty. ??????????????????????????????? The middle stretches of these canyons begin to get less steep, and the rivers turn more into run/riffle sequences.  In the middle sections of these canyons the rivers have some beautiful runs and riffles that are home to good populations of rainbows, brooks, cutthroats, and some brown trout.  These nice run/riffle sequences provide miles and miles of fishable water and a wide variety of trout species, providing a great opportunity to catch a grand slam. brown Near the Forest Service boundary the bottom of the canyon meets the high desert at the foothills of the south slope of the Uintah Mountains.  The terrain flattens out and the rivers begin to meander and create big bends, slow runs, and even some stillwaters.  These lower stretches hold lots of nice rainbows, big brown trout, and even some mountain whitefish.  These lower parts of the canyon provide the opportunity for fisherman to catch nice rainbows and browns and have a chance of catching a real trophy while fishing in some of the most beautiful country out there. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????                    ]]>

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