Trout TV Visits Utah

By November 22, 2015 No Comments

10547873_860302570646557_4049886161285838166_oWe had the opportunity of having Trout TV visit us. They hadn’t spent much time in Utah so this was fun to show them what we do here at Falcon’s Ledge. The guides for the week were John Rock, Derek Olthuis and Jake Ricks. We wanted to show the diversity of waters we have so we decided to start off and a piece of water that holds some really nice browns. And luck would have it that there was a great hatch that happened for some great dry fly action. John and Derek tag teamed this one. One would spot and the other would help Hilary on where to cast. Hilary was very accurate on her casts which made it easy to hook and land fish without spooking the fish. The fish were active during the hatch but once the hatch ended so did the noses. Jake decided to take Hilary to one of our favorite small streams. The fishing can be very good or it can be a day where you have to really work for your fish. This particular day Jake and Hilary had to work for the fish. With lots of wading and casting and fly changes they were able to hook a few nice fish. Hilary also did something that doesn’t happen too often. While fishing a dry dropper rig she hooked two fish at the same time. Check out the episode to see if Hilary landed them both. Check out the link for the full episode.]]>