Utah Ice-fishing

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Lake Sunset On a beautiful evening this month I drilled a few holes in a local lake hoping to get a bend in my rod.  Within minutes I saw my rod tip twitch and reeled up a nice 18-inch rainbow trout.  I dropped my line back down to the bottom and after a few more minutes the rod tip began to dip again.  I set the hook and the line peeled off the reel sending a jolt of adrenaline through me.  I got the fish near the hole but he ran again taking more line off the reel.  After several runs I got the fish into the hole, but as I tried to fit the big fish through the hole he broke the line and swam into the depths. Rainbow Side As I sat lamenting the big fish I had lost, the rod tip began moving again.  I pulled in several more nice rainbow trout in quick succession ranging from 16 to 20-inches in size.  They all had beautiful pink stripes down their side and looked as if they were getting plenty to eat. Rainbow Head Just as I was getting used to catching rainbows I got a surprise as I reeled in a beautiful 16-inch brook trout.  After taking a few pictures I slipped him back into the hole in the ice and watched him swim down into the depths of the lake and out of sight. Brook The sun was setting and the temperature was dropping fast.  I was contemplating calling it an evening when the rod tip moved almost imperceptibly.  I picked up the rod and felt for any movement on the end of the line.  I felt a slight jerk and set the hook.  After a couple of hard runs I pulled a beautiful 18-inch tiger trout through the ice. Tiger With the images of those magnificent trout I had caught in the last hour in my mind, I watched the sun set over the snow-covered lake and thought, “What a great day!”      ]]>

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