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November is a great month to get out and do some fishing and bird hunting with family. The fishing is good as fish feed to prepare for the long winter months ahead. It is also one of the best months of the year to do some pheasant hunting with family and friends as the cool mornings make for great pheasant hunting. Here are a few of our favorite ways to get out and enjoy some great fishing and bird hunting with your family or friends this November.

Falcon’s Ledge has 8 private trout lakes on the property that are fun to fish in November. While you are staying at the Falcon’s Ledge Lodge it is easy to walk down to the lakes on the property and catch a few fish. When you are ready for something to eat or soak in the hot tub it is a short walk back up to the lodge to get some food to eat or relax in the great hot tub on the back porch. The lakes on the property fish good in November. Woolly buggers and leech patterns pulled along the bottom of the small lakes are great patterns to use in November as fish search for a big meal as the weather gets colder.

Within a 30 minute drive of Falcon’s Ledge is a handful of great streams and rivers to fish in the fall months. Rock Creek and Yellowstone Creek are just north of the lodge about 30 minutes in the beautiful Ashley National Forest. Families love to hike and fish in this beautiful area during the fall months when there are gorgeous fall colors and snow topped peaks. The streams in these two canyons fish well in the fall and common nymphs such as pheasant tail nymphs, lightening bugs, copper johns, and zebra midges work well.

The Pleasant Valley Hunting Preserve just south of Falcon’s Ledge Lodge is one of the best pheasant hunting preserves in the state of Utah. It is a great place to bird hunt in November. Guests staying at Falcon’s Ledge Lodge get priority at the pheasant hunting preserve and we can easily set you and your family up with a bird hunt while you stay at the Falcon’s Ledge Lodge.

We hope to see you and your family at Falcon’s Ledge Lodge this November for some fishing and bird hunting!

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