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The pheasant hunting season is winding down over the next three weeks and the fishing season is kicking off as the ice and snow melts over the next month. There are a few things we love about this change in seasons. In this blog we will discuss the great hunting and fishing opportunities at Falcon’s Ledge in March and April as the seasons transition.

In March the pheasant hunting is some of the best of the year. The warm afternoons melt the snow on the preserve and weather is mild. The last few weeks of March the snow is mostly gone, and the mild temperatures make it a great time to get out and hunt some pheasants and watch the hunting dogs run through the fields and ravens. The end of March is a wonderful time of year to be out chasing wily pheasants and enjoying the early spring weather.

The end of March is also a great time of year to get out and catch some nice trout. Depending on the weather the ice starts melting the ice off the lakes at Falcon’s Ledge in late March. As the ice melts off the lakes big trout cruise the lake looking for a good meal. Using a strike indicator and dropping a chironomid or balanced leech off the strike indicator about 5 to 8 feet is a great way to catch fish in late March. Dragging a woolly bugger or leech pattern around the lake behind a float tube or pontoon boat is also a great way to catch fish in the early spring. Dropping a blood midge or blood worm off of the woolly bugger or leech will help you catch even more fish.

Late March is a great time of year to be outside and chasing some pheasants and trout. There is very little time during the year that the bird hunting season and fly fishing season overlap. March and the fall months are the only times that you can come out and do both. We hope to see you this March for some pheasant hunting and fishing.

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