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Spring is just around the corner at Falcon’s Ledge. The ice is melting off the lakes and should be gone in about ten days. Spring fishing will kick off in April once the ice is gone from the lakes. April through June is a great time to fish the lakes at Falcon’s Ledge. In this blog we will discuss the spring fishing season at Falcon’s Ledge and share some of our favorite spring fishing flies and techniques.

When the ice first melts off the lakes in early April the water is still very cold and the trout are spending most of the time deep in the lake and eating blood worms, leeches, minnows, and other small insects. From early April to late April fishing woolly buggers and leeches slow near the the bottom of the lakes on a sinking line is a great way to catch fish. We will also drop a blood midge or wire worm off the back off a streamer during the early spring and work it slow along the bottom. This technique will often attract fish that are feeding along the bottom on blood worms. The key to early spring fishing is to keep your flies low near the bottom of the lake and work them slowly.

As the sun warms the water temperature in late April and through May the fish will feed closer to the surface on emerging midges. From late April to the end of May we fish a lot of midge patterns below strike indicators and dry flies. Some of our favorite midge patterns are zebra midges, sno-cone chironomid, blood midge, crystal midge, and disco midge. We like to hang them off a strike indicator and dry fly about 20 to 30 inches and cast them along weedbeds and in front of rising fish.

In the late spring from early May to the middle of June damselfly larvae and caellibaetis larvae become active. Fishing damselfly nymphs and small olive woolly buggers on an intermediate line stripped along the edge of weedbeds will produce good action in the late spring. Hares ear nymphs dropped off the back of a small olive woolly bugger will imitate caellibaetis larvae and often get trout to strike this time of year.

We hope to see you this spring at Falcon’s Ledge for some Utah spring fishing!

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