Video Pro Tips: Understanding Fly Fishing Leaders

By May 20, 2018No Comments

</ Over the past few weeks, we’ve posting a great new video series called “Getting Started in Fly Fishing,” from Brian Flechsig of Mad River Outiffters in Columbus, Ohio. In the last episode, Flechsig discussed how to choose the right fly line. Here, he moves to the end of the line system, explaining leaders and tippets. Do you know how to choose the right “X” leader to match your fly? You may be surprised by how important this is, not only to fishing, but to casting, as well. Yes, this is very basic stuff, but it’s extremely useful for folks who are new to the sport. The biggest barrier to entry for anyone taking up a new activity is lack of information. Stay tuned to learn more! Written By: Phil Monahan ]]>