Winter Flies

By November 24, 2014 No Comments

tpwoOPlnDoaKCA1B47RgWblJcexf7x0zfsQCVUeqTEQ The cold weather is here but that doesn’t mean you have to put away your rod and reel. Some of the best fishing happens in the colder months of the year. No crowds and good bug activity make it a great time to hit the river. I met up with a couple of friends last week to fish a local river. I dug around in my pack and realized that I didn’t have my winter fly box with me. I usually have a box full of flies that I have found very effective when the temps dip below freezing. I’m usually fishing some kind of tailwater so small flies are on the menu. Here are some of my most effective winter patterns: – Zebra Midge (Black) – Egg pattern (Peach) – Matt’s Midge – Higa’s SOS – Krystal Bugger (Black) – Rainbow Warrior – Phlamin Pheasant – Tim’s Candy Crane      ]]>