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Winter has arrived and the ice has formed on the lakes at Falcon’s Ledge Lodge. The ice will be thick enough for some ice fishing in just over a week. The pheasant hunting season has been going strong for over two months and many guests have taken advantage of the great pheasant hunting in October and November. Pheasant hunting will continue to be fantastic through the rest of the winter.

December is a wonderful month to be at Falcon’s Ledge. Families and friends love to get together at the lodge and have Christmas parties. The lodge is perfect for these type of Christmas parties. The large main floor is great for gathering up to 40 people and has a large fireplace and dining area for having large meals and relaxing with family and friends for the evening. There is a big game rooms downstairs for playing games and watching movies. The lodge has 9 bedrooms with private bathrooms and is perfect for spending a few days for families or companies that want to spend a few days relaxing and enjoying some hunting and fishing. Groups are welcome to provide their own meals or hire a private chef to come in and cook for their group. Christmas time is an amazing time of year and gathering at this beautiful Utah group lodge will make it extra special.

On this 600-acre property there is plenty of fun for everyone in your group and you will never run out of things to do. The outdoorsmen in your group will love fishing and can set up a pheasant hunt at the Pleasant Valley Hunting Preserve just down the road. Those people that enjoy getting out and exercising will enjoy walking a jogging on the private dirt roads around the property. The large hot tub is perfect for relaxing in after a long day. We hope to see your family and friends soon at this Utah group lodge!

Ask us about renting the entire lodge for a group or family event and have private use of the new swimming pool, lodge & private lakesFishing Rates (435) 253-7306 Hunting Rates