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Upland Bird Hunting

Falcon’s Ledge guided Utah pheasant hunting adventures put you in the middle of quite possibly the best pheasant and chukar hunting you’ve ever enjoyed. Upland bird hunting at Falcon’s Ledge focuses on Pheasants and Chukar.

Ring-neck Pheasants have their roots in Asia. In 1881, 21 Ringnecks were imported from Shanghai, China to Oregon. From there the birds flourished and within decades they could be found from coast to coast. As agricultural practices changed throughout the 20th century, the Ring-necked Peasant found a niche in the changing habitat that enabled it to thrive without being discordant with the native species of the area. Today it is known for being one of the most hunted birds in the world.

A native of Eurasia, the Chukar is the national bird of Pakistan and can be found in Israel, Turkey, India and all the way to the inner Himalayan ranges that extend into Nepal. This bird was brought west to the US, Canada, and New Zealand.  A robust and long bird, the Chukar is 13 to 14 inches long and has a gray breast and light brown back. This bird’s name is derived from its boisterous song of “chuk, chuk, chukar, chukar”.

At the nearby Orvis Endorsed Hunting Grounds at Pleasant Valley, you will hunt over 3,000 acres of private farmland… hunting different cover every day and returning to relax at one of the finest pheasant hunting lodges in the West each evening.

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