5 Effective Fall Patterns

By October 23, 2017No Comments

The fall is such a fun and exciting time to fish. The weather is cooling off, the fish are more active and the hatches still continue even when it’s cold. We have been fishing recently on our small streams for mainly brown trout with a few brook trout and cutthroat mixed in. We’ve found that targeting certain pieces of water is especially effective. We look for structure which gives some place safe for the fish to hold in while waiting for food to drift by. Structure can be the most effective areas to fish. Most anglers will pass up fishing structure because they don’t want to lose flies. Losing a few flies may be worth a fish of a lifetime. We also look for shallow riffles that dump into the deep parts of the river. This is also effective in that the food will be washed down into the feeding zones.   Here are 5 of our favorite patterns for this time of year.   1- Black Conehead Woolly Bugger. This is by far our most effective fly for covering a lot of water. We can fish it in deep water with added weight or in shallow water unweighted. The Black Woolly Bugger has taken more fish   2-Egg Pattern. The egg pattern is a pattern that we like to especially use in the colder months. This is the start of the season when we will use this in deeper water looking for those fish trying to beef up for the winter. All colors and sizes work great. Our favorite color is the peach/watermelon combination.   3-Princess Nymph. This is a fairly new pattern originate by one of our guides, Bryan Eldredge. It’s essentially a prince nymph only with a pink beadhead. This has proven to be a productive pattern over the last few years.   4-Orange Blossom Special. This pattern is colorful and really gets the attention of active browns. We’ve seen browns chase this down from long distances. They can’t seem to leave it alone.   5-Hawkins Hat Trick. Another awesome streamer pattern for the crisp fall days. We like fishing this one by casting upstream and stripping it downstream with the current. The takes can be very explosive and remember to strip it right to your feet. Sometimes those aggressive browns will take it right at your boot.  ]]>