Tom’s Top 7 Early-Season Streamers

By March 4, 2018No Comments

This springtime rainbow was holding in deep water below a highway bridge in western Massachusetts. Photo by Joe Phillips Written By: Tom Rosenbauer In Tuesday’s post, “How to Fish Streamers in the Early Season,” I explained that I prefer flies that have some movement of their own, like ones with marabou and rabbit fur, because they work best and have the best action when you’re fishing them slow. Flies with brass (or even better tungsten) beads get the fly deeper in a hurry, and color does not seem to be that important—although black in dirty water and white or yellow in clear water seem to offer some advantage. Change colors if you don’t get any strikes but don’t worry too much about pattern, size, or color. A size 6 or 8 fly that wiggles in the current should work fine. Here are my 7 go-to streamers for high, cold water: Moto’s Minnow Conehead Bunny Muddler Tungsten Marabou Muddler McGinnis Extra Stout Bead Head Flash Zonker Tungsten Cone Head Woolly Bugger Conehead Rubber Bugger]]>