Video: How to Tie McKenna’s Sexy Walt’s Worm

In this week’s video from Tightline Productions, Tim shares a great attractor nymph that’s designed to work pretty much anywhere trout swim. It’s a variation of the Sexy Walt’s created by Dave McKenna. This one is really easy to tie, as well, not even requiring any of Tim’s fancy tricks. So twist up a few of these and try them wherever you fish–at home or on the road.

McKenna’s Sexy Walt’s Worm
Hook: Black nickel jig hook (here a Fulling Mill FM50 45), sizes 12-16.
Bead: Pink slotted tungsten bead, 3mm.
Weight: Lead-free round wire, .020.
Thread: White Veevus 10/0.
Rib: Silver wire, small.
Body: Gray SLF Dubbing.
Thorax: Hot purple SLF Prism Dubbing.
Hot Spot: Fluorescent red thread.
Adhesive: Head cement.
Tools: Dubbing wax.

Written By: Phil Monahan

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