Amazing Tiger Trout

By April 23, 2018No Comments

Here at Falcon’s Ledge we are fortunate to have a few areas where we can catch tiger trout. We get questions all the time about when and where is the best time to target these fish. Although you can catch these fish all year round the best times we’ve found to target them is in the spring and fall. It seems that when the water is cooler is when they become active. Ice off is a great time to catch tiger trout. The water is cold and the fish are hungry from a long winter with few bugs hatching. We normally catch them sub surface with nymphs and chironomids. Since we’re fishing lakes for them chironomids and other midges are their main food source. When the tigers are getting aggressive we’ll also throw streamers. They will chase down a streamer right at your feet when they’re aggressive. During the summer months the water gets warm and it seems the tigers will go deep where the water is cooler. They’re not very aggressive and will be a little more difficult to catch. We do catch a few during the summer months but mornings and evenings seem to be the most productive. Fall time is our favorite time to target the tigers. The weather is cooling down and they start hunting for food in the shallows. Dry droppers can be very productive when they’re cruising the shallows. Dropping a nymphs 10 inches below the dry seems to be the perfect set up. They seem to chase streamers more during the fall too. It’s a fun time of year to be in Utah.]]>