Brown Friday

By December 4, 2017No Comments

This winter has been unusually warm. This time last year we were fishing in heavy blizzard snow storms but the fishing was incredible. Our last outing we were in light jackets and t shirts. It’s nice not having to worry about numb fingers and ice in the guides but we are hoping we get some snow so we have enough water next year. Every year the day after Thanksgiving we get together and fish. We call this day “Brown Friday”. It’s a nice day to hit the river when everyone else is out trying to get the best deals on toaster ovens and electronics. It’s not only a day of fishing but a time to hang out with great friends and share a few laughs. The fish usually hold in the same areas year after year but this year we’ve had to branch out and find new areas where they are feeding. We usually look for shallow areas of the river that drop off into deeper pools. Other areas we look for are structure. Downed trees and bigger rocks that fish could take cover around. These areas are the best for success on any river. Usually around the structure we like to throw buggers and streamers anticipating a brown ambushing it as it gets close to the structure. Other areas we drift the nymphs through switching out bugs until we find one that works. Here are a few flies we used on our most recent outing:

  • Hot Head Pheasant Tail
  • Princess Nymph
  • Frenchie
  • Micro egg in Peach
  • Higa’s SOS
  • Black Conehed Bugger
  • Rainbow Warrior