Brown Trout

By November 7, 2016No Comments

img_2474Fall is a fun time of year to fish for brown trout. They are aggressive, active and take on some amazing colors. One of our favorite methods to fish for browns this time of year is with streamers. With the fish being territorial they will attack anything that comes close to them which makes for some very jolting strikes. Make sure you hang on because the strike can come at any time and will usually catch you off guard. We also fish egg patterns. They work well not only on the browns but other fish feeding during the spawn. Here are a few tips on fishing for browns: 1- Be careful where you wade. There will be reds in the rivers where the fish will spawn. Please be aware of your surroundings and watch where you step. 2- Throw big and small streamers. Most fisherman pull their meet out of their box and some of the flies we see are 10 inches long. Those will definitely work but don’t forget to tie on that size 8 or 10 bugger. img_19543- When the browns are in full spawning mode fish downstream from the reds. The rainbows will set up below the reds and eat all the eggs floating down stream. Drifting eggs or hot head pheasant tails usually work well. Have fun and be safe out on the river!!!]]>