Fall Fly Fishing

By September 12, 2016No Comments

img_7593 The fall is a great time to fish around Falcon’s Ledge. The fish are getting ready for the long cold winter so they will be trying to beff up. The water is starting to cool down this time of year and the fish will become active looking for baitfish and aquatic insects. The best time to get some of your big fish in the lakes is in the fall. We use a lot of different flies during this time of year that seem to work fine for our fish. We strip lots of streamers throughout the day until we see some sort of hatch and the fish start keying in on them. So, along with streamers we’ll keep parachute adams and other attractor dry flies in our box. img_7588 The nice thing about the weather changing is that you can fish effectively throughout the day. Usually it gets too hot in the middle of the day and the fishing slows down a bit. Starting mid September through November the weather is great but make sure you bring a sweater or jacket in case it gets too chilly. The bigger fish will be cruising the shore lines looking for food so fishing from the shore is most effective. Walking up and down the banks stalking fish is a lot of fun. It can be very challenging but very rewarding. Some flies to have: -Woolly Buggers in Black, Olive and white -Muddler Minnows -Leeches in various colors -Parachute Adams -Purple Haze While the lakes are great during this time of year the streams also can be very good. We’ll see a few hatches this time of year which will bring nice fish to the surface. It’s a great time to be out here so we hope to see you soon.  ]]>