Fall Fly Fishing

By August 29, 2016No Comments

IMG_7359 The lakes at Falcon’s Ledge are starting to cool off which means the fish will become active again. After a long warm summer the fish feed early in the morning and late into the evening when the water is cool. Now that the daytime temps are dropping it will soon be fast fishing again. Lake fishing is great because you can target larger fish and they will be trying to bulk up for the long harsh winter. They will cruise the shorelines looking for bigger meals to put on some weight. They love minnows, crayfish, mice and other large meals. FullSizeRender Fishing areas where the water turns from shallow to deep are good areas to focus on. The fish will be looking for anything in that area that will be coming off the shoreline or trying to get to the shoreline away from any danger. In order to imitate a panicked minnow would be to strip a bugger pretty fast so it looks like it’s trying to get away. A fast retrieve will always get a hungry trouts attention. Some lake flies to have this fall would be: -Chironomids -Pheasant tails -Woolly Buggers -Leaches -Parachute Adams -Klinkhammers  ]]>