Fly Selection

By May 7, 2018 No Comments

Sometimes it can be difficult to know which fly to use when arriving on the river. If it’s a river you frequently fish it’s not as hard but for those times you get to a new river or just a river you don’t fish on a regular basis here are some simple tips on how to choose which fly to use. 1- Observe your surroundings. Look around and see if you notice any bugs flying around. Another way to know if there are bugs around is to watch the birds. 2- Check size and color of natural bugs. It can make or break your day by choosing the correct color and size of the natural bugs. I’ve seen more times than not when a hatch starts and I’m matching the hatch that if it’s not the correct size the fish will refuse it. It’s not always the case but it’s a good idea to have multiple sizes and colors in your box. 3- Turn over rocks when you get to the river or lake you will be fishing. This is the easiest way to see what’s in the water. It can be very educational looking to see what is actually hatching right then and there. You can also get a good idea depending on the color of the bugs of when they will hatch. Usually when the bugs get darker and their thorax starts to bulge you know they will be hatching at any time. We hope these tips helped and that choosing a fly on your next outing will be a little easier.]]>