Monday Tip

By July 2, 2018No Comments

Holidays are alway interesting when it comes to fishing and getting to your favorite areas. We always try to avoid crowds and for the most part we can do that. However, certain holidays are tricky and will make you think of doing things a little differently. As the 4th of July soon approaches here are some tips on avoiding crowds. 1- Hike. It’s pretty clear that most people that get out on the holidays are there for a short time so they want to get as much fishing in as possible. When this happens we arrive at the place we want to fish and hike upstream. It’s usually not a huge hike but most people will just fish the most obvious and convenient areas. A little hike will go a long ways. 2- If you don’t want to hike or don’t have the time then focus on areas that you normally don’t fish. Find a spot on the river or lake and fish. It might not be your first choice but you might be surprised and catch fish. 3- Fish early and late. Most people on the holidays are with family and friends. Mornings are busy with big groups. I you can wake up a little earlier than normal you might just get that spot on the water you’ve been hoping for. Also, evenings can be good. Again, most people are busy doing family activities in the evening so your fishing spots may open up during this time.   We hope these tips help you during this holiday season. Be safe and have fun!!!]]>