New Water

By July 30, 2018No Comments

When you’ve been guiding the same waters for 20 plus years it’s hard to find areas that haven’t been explored before. Falcon’s Ledge guide, Bryan Eldredge had been studying google earth in search for new water for weeks. He saw a stretch of rive that we never thought about fishing and had an idea that we should go look into it. We headed out to this river talking about what we could expect from this stretch of new water. Based on previous experiences fishing much higher upstream that we could catch brook trout, rainbows, browns and cutts. When we finally arrived we saw a great run and immediately Bryan hooked into a rainbow. Our next six or seven fish were rainbows. This was unusual for this to happen. We mainly catch brown on this river but it was great to see so many bows. The higher up we got on the river we started to see more browns. The next hour or so was mainly browns. Kind of what we had expected. Then we realized that there were a lot of rainbows here. We then got into another group of bows in the next riffle above a log jam. Most of the browns we caught were on dry flies and the bows were on the nymphs. We wanted to cover as much water as possible so we were both fishing dry droppers. Big dries were the ticket on this day. The fish couldn’t resist the Chubby Chernobyl. One of our favorite flies to fish. We ended up fishing a side channel to the main river. It had just enough water in it to hold fish. We took a little break and we spotted a great little narrow channel that looks fishy. Spencer headed down and made one cast. As the Chubby Chernobyl hit the water he saw a flash of gold appear. It was a nice fish that saw the fly land and was hungry. He slowly came to the surface and sipped the fly in. The fight was on. Bryan rushed down to help net and shoot some video of the fish. The fight didn’t last long because the water was small and  we had him in the net before he could make his way to the structure. We realized at this point that we shouldn’t overlook any piece of water on this river. This section of river doesn’t get much pressure so the fish are not used to seeing other anglers. We continued on and ended up having a great day fishing new water. I hope Bryan finds more water to explore on google maps.]]>