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Recently some of the guides set out to take advantage of some dry fly action on a nearby river. We heard that the blue wing olives were hatching and the fish were feeding like crazy. We met on the river and decided to find a good stretch of river. We decided to fish nymphs until the hatch started. The first fish came on a sow bug but we knew nymphing wouldn’t last long because the bugs started showing up in good numbers. The wind picked up and we were worried it wold blow the bugs off the water and we wouldn’t get any action with dry flies. Once we found consistent fish rising we switched over to dry flies. We tied on different bwo patterns so we could see which fly worked best. It turns out that all of the flies we threw worked but we had to get the best drift possible to fool the trout. It was drift after drift until it looked good enough for the fish. This is where persistence comes into play. A lot of anglers will cast to a fish many times and if the fish doesn’t cooperate then they move on. This day we had to cast several times to the same fish in order to get the best drift. Once the drag free drift was achieved the fish would eat. Be persistent! if the fish don’t cooperate change up your technique, change angles and change flies.]]>