Pro Tip: Reading Water part 1

By July 17, 2017No Comments

Tip: Look close for fish. As guides, we always look for ways to put our clients in the best position to catch fish. One thing we forget to teach clients is all the places to look for feeding fish. We see with a lot of anglers that when they arrive at the river the first place they begin to fish is the middle of the river. I watch people all the time standing right where the fish are usually feeding. Once you get to the river, observe. This is hard because you want to catch fish so bad that you are focused on one thing. Charging into the river before observing could cost you fish. When you observe look close and work your way out. Most fish will be close to the bank in shallower water looking for food. Before you get your boots wet look upstream from the bank so you have a higher vantage point. If there’s nothing in shallow then look towards the middle of the river. Look for rises or fish just under the surface feeding. If you don’t see anything then look to the far bank.]]>