A Great Start to Spring Fishing

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fly fishing, utah, orvis, trout Spencer’s first fish of the season.[/caption] The spring in Utah has been very unusual. The weather has been so unpredictable with sun one day and snow the next. Checking the weather forecast closely we chose a day with the least chance of snow or rain. We knew that the nice weather wasn’t a guarantee but decided to head none the less.   Fellow guide, Bryan Eldredge and I set out to fish a river that we had neglected all winter. We were excited and were hoping the water levels were fishable and that the fish were happy and feeding. We pulled up to one of our go-to spots and there were a few cars in the parking lot. We had to make a decision based on what we thought the other cars did. We decided to take our chances head upstream. Bryan was in guide mode immediately. He spotted the first fish and insisted that I cast to it. After a back and forth conversation that consisted of “you get him” “no, you get him” I finally conceded and began to cast at the first fish of the day. Several casts over the fish resulted in nothing to the net. I began changing fly after fly. I even lengthened my leader. Lots of refusals brought me to try my favorite fly which I should’ve had on in the first place. The Higa’s SOS. The second cast over him moved him to the left and he ate my fly. The fight was on. He immediately tore downstream and wasn’t going to stop. I tried applying pressure to keep him from running too far but he was too powerful. Ten minutes later and we had him safely in the net nearly 50 yards downstream. My first fish of the season on my favorite stream. A great way to start off the season. [caption id="attachment_51983" align="aligncenter" width="545"]trout, fish, brown trout, orvis, utah A great early season trout[/caption] Bryan didn’t skip a beat. He worked his way upstream casting in every run and riffle for that angry brown trout. He seemed to find fish in all of these areas. It seemed like every third of fourth cast he had a fish on. He had the perfect set up with his flies and depth at which he was fishing. I always seem to learn a lot when fishing with Bryan. I usually get stuck in a rut and fish all the places I’m confident in. He opened my eyes to some areas where I wouldn’t normally fish. He caught fish in every one of those spots. He takes his time and works a run very thoroughly. Something I need to work on. I usually make a few casts and if I get nothing I move on. I watched Bryan change depths every once in a while but his success came from getting the flies in front of the fish. [caption id="attachment_51984" align="aligncenter" width="648"]trout, orvis, utah, fly fishing, fishing Bryan’s brown trout[/caption] The day came to an end way too fast. We had fun catching fish and sharing guides stories from a lot of years of guiding on this water. Maybe one day we’ll write a book with all of these stories. It’ll be a best seller.]]>