Spring Hatch

By March 27, 2017 No Comments

Spring is a great time of year. The weather warms and the days of winter jackets are over. We typically look for cooler and overcast weather to trigger hatches of BWO’s here on Utah’s Provo river. Recently the weather has cooperated and the fishing has been excellent. As we looked at the forecast we are looking for a forty to fifty degree day with clouds. It doesn’t always work out but our recent trip was incredible. The hatch usually starts early in the afternoon and lasts for a couple of hours. We tend to nymph a bit before we tie on our dry flies. Once we start seeing heads consistently then we make the switch. Fishing just before the hatch we like to use small dark baetis patterns like the Pheasant tail or Higa’s sos. These patterns imitate the bwo’s in their nymphal stage. On the Provo river the main staple for the fish to feed on is the sow bug. They are in the river all year round and the fish count on them for a guaranteed meal. So, our main set up is the sow bug with one of the baetis nymph I mentioned earlier. This proved to be a good way to go before the hatch started. As the hatch began we immediately switched to a single dry fly. The fish began looking for the the bwo adults and the fun began. It’s important, like most rivers, to get a drag free drift when fishing dry flies. The fish see a lot of imitations so it’s very important to make your bug look as realistic as possible. Getting a drag free drift will significantly increase your chances at fooling the fish. Always work on getting that perfect drift by mending your line or high sticking.]]>