Summer Fishing in the Uintas

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Summer fishing in the Uintas can be amazing. The snowpack can dictate when the rivers will be stable and fishable. When we have a great snow year the rivers usually are fishable around the first week of July. Most of our rivers are at high elevation so we have to wait a few weeks while the snow melts and the rivers aren’t at dangerous levels. During this time we like to fish lakes. Fishing lakes hold some of the biggest fish and can be challenging trying to imitate the bugs that are present at the time. Some bugs that hatch on lakes in the spring are: Midges, Callibaetis, scuds and the occasional cicada. Orvis Complete Trout School at Falcon's LedgeWhen the rivers settle down from runoff we have several small streams and rivers that we fish. We fish Rock Creek, Yellowstone river, Lake Fork, Uinta and Whiterocks. These small streams hold good numbers of rainbows, browns, brook trout and cutthroat. Many of the rivers allow the opportunity to catch a grand slam which is all four species caught from the same river in the same day. At higher elevations we can also catch grayling. We also have waters that hold bass and carp if the clients want to target something other than trout. The best times to fish is July-September. Some flies that you’ll need this time of year are: -Parachute Adams -Adult Damsels -Black Beatle -Black Ant -Brown Ant -PMX -Stimulator -Pheasant Tail -Higa’s SOS -Phlamin Pheasant -Copper John -Zebra Midge -Green Drake Come on out and let us take you to some of our favorite waters to catch some amazing trout.]]>