Taking Turns

By July 17, 2018No Comments

There are rivers that we fish where the fish are skittish and spook easily. Along with that some of these rivers don’t have many fish per mile which compounds the problem. This can be very frustrating when you can see the fish but can’t really get a cast to them without sending them up river or to the other side of the lake. When guiding we mostly take two anglers at a time. When we fish these types of rivers we have to explain to the clients what we’re up against. What do we do in these situations? First we explain to the clients that there are not many fish in this river system so the best way to fish it is by taking turns. We have one client up to fish first. We try to put them on fish the best we can. If they get a good shot at a fish whether they catch it or not it is the next anglers turn. If they were to spread out the fishing would be very tough and we would be covering a lot of river and spend most of our day walking instead of fishing. When we have a day off we do the same thing. We take turns spotting fish for each other. If someone misses a fish or catches a fish then their turn is up and the next anglers jumps in. Try this on your next outing with friends and not only will you have fun you’ll also learn a lot by how the other angler approaches fish.]]>