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Tuesdays Tip: Keep the Line Tight

By January 2, 2018No Comments

Keeping the tip up while fighting a fish.[/caption] As guides we see a lot of clients from a wide range of skill levels. We try to teach them as much as we can or to give them pointers so they can become better and take away something they can use when they’re not with a guide. We will talk about one simple tip today that we see from the first time fisherman to the seasoned angler. Keep the line tight!!! When a client hooks up on a fish it seems pretty chaotic for the first few critical seconds of fighting the fish. This is where most people will lose the fish. Once the hook is set it seems as though they forget to keep the line tight. This puts slack in the line and the hook is more likely to come unbuttoned from the fish when this happens. One of the reasons it happens is when the client looks down to get the line under control to start reeling up the excess line. Here’s a couple of tips we pass on to the client when this happens. 1- Keep the tip up. This will help keep the line tight and uses the rod as a shock absorber to protect the tippet and keep the right amount of pressure on the fish. 2- Do whatever you need to do to keep the line tight. If that means backing up if the fish runs towards you then do it. Keep these tips in mind when you’re on the water and we hope it helps you land that fish of a lifetime.  ]]>

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