Urban Fishing

By January 2, 2017No Comments

We try to get out and fish anytime we can. Sometimes we take long road trips to that certain river or lake. Other times we have to choose a place depending on how much time we have. Bryan Eldredge called me and said he was finishing up lunch and had a few hours to fish. We decided to hit the river that runs through town. It literally runs through town. We got there and started at the bridge by one of our favorite restaurants. The fishing can be good but the smell of tacos makes you take that one last cast before moving upstream. We tied on some of our favorite patterns. Higa’s sos, Princess nymph,midge larvae and eggs. Those bugs are a staple on this stretch of river. With only a couple of hours to spare we fished upstream as far as we could with only a few fish. It was just nice to get out with all of the Christmas rush driving past us  we had the whole stretch of river to ourselves. It’s was nice to get out for a little bit to forget about the craziness this time of year. Try to find spots near you that don’t get fished much. You might be surprised just how good the fishing can be.]]>