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We are right in the middle of the Utah pheasant hunting season at Falcon’s Ledge Lodge. We have had many companies and families come out and pheasant hunt with us this December and we are looking forward to many more great hunting groups the next three months. In this blog we will discuss the fall and winter pheasant hunting season at Falcon’s Ledge.

The fall pheasant hunting season begins September 15 and ends December 1. During the fall pheasant hunting season, the weather is mild, and the fishing is still great. Many groups from September to the end of November take advantage of the overlap of the two seasons to come out and have a cast and blast trip. This is an amazing time of year where hunters and fishermen can come out for a few days and pheasant hunt for a day or two and fish for a day. The other great thing about the fall at Falcon’s Ledge is the fall colors. The fall colors really start showing up around the second week of September and last through late October. This is one of our favorite times of year when the weather is mild, the hunting and fishing are both in full swing, and the fall scenery is spectacular.

The winter pheasant hunting season kicks off December 1 and runs through March. During the winter pheasant hunting season the colder weather and snow have moved in and there is some ice fishing available and limited river fishing. The winter pheasant hunting season is a great time for families and companies to come out for a year-end pheasant hunt or a weekend hunting trip. It is some of the best pheasant hunting of the year and many bird hunters come out during the winter pheasant hunting season to enjoy this amazing hunting.

We hope to see you this pheasant hunting season at Falcon’s Ledge for Utah’s best pheasant hunting!

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