Utah Wingshooting

By December 18, 2017No Comments

Utah offers some of the best pheasant hunting in the west. Here at Falcon’s Ledge we feel that our cover, birds and dogs are second to none. We host many groups from all over the country that are looking for a quality hunt and share memories with friends and loved ones. One such group of friends get together every fall at Falcon’s Ledge for good food and a lot of story telling. They all arrive and begin with a game of cards while enjoying each others company. Sometimes there’s a big football game on and they all gather in the tv room and cheer on their favorite teams. The lodge has a lot of thing for everyone while you’re enjoying your stay. Some will request a massage after a long day in the field to relax and rest those muscles for the next days hunt. Our birds fly hard and fast. It can be a challenge at times to shoot those birds on the first shot. Once those birds flush then it’s time to dial in and take the best shot possible. Most of the time if the first shooters misses his buddies are waiting to take their shot. It gets pretty competitive at times but it’s all in good fun. We want everyone to enjoy their hunts so we will customize a hunt that suits your needs. We have easy walking hunts that still gives you the full experience as well as hilly and thick cover hunts for the hunter looking for a real challenge. Our hunting season begins in April and will end in March. There’s plenty of time to get out to eastern Utah to enjoy a hunt of a lifetime.]]>