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In January and February, the Falcon’s Ledge Lodge is quiet and peaceful. There is snow on the property and the lakes are all frozen over.  A handful of groups spend time at Falcon’s Ledge Lodge these two months and are rewarded with some of the most beautiful scenery and peaceful tranquility of the year.  It is a truly serene and gorgeous time of year with no lack of outdoor winter recreation.  Here are a few of our favorite Utah winter fishing and bird hunting ideas.

One of our favorite winter fishing activities is ice fishing. The private lakes on the Falcon’s Ledge property are frozen in January and February and it is a perfect time to catch some big fish through the ice. The lakes are on the same private property as the lodge, so your group will have complete privacy and will be able to go in and get warm by the fire or soak in the hot tub when you are done catching some big trout through the ice. 

Another favorite winter hunting and fishing activity is pheasant hunting. The Pleasant Valley Hunting Preserve is just down the road about 30 minutes from the Falcon’s Ledge Lodge.  This 3,000-acre pheasant hunting preserve is one of the finest bird hunting preserves in the western United States and the winter is prime time for pheasant hunting in Utah. Groups staying at the lodge can schedule a pheasant hunt with the preserve for one or two mornings while they are at the Falcon’s Ledge Lodge. 

River fishing is still great in the winter on some of the rivers near the Falcon’s Ledge Lodge.  The Duchesne River is a great winter trout river. Those groups that want to get out and do some river fishing while staying at the lodge in the winter will find the Duchesne River a great option just a short drive from the lodge. 

The winter is a great time to be at Falcon’s Ledge Lodge. It is a beautiful time of year, and the snow makes it peaceful and tranquil. Outdoorsmen will find lots of great Utah winter bird hunting and fishing while they are at Falcon’s Ledge Lodge.  

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