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Video Pro Tip: Use Your Hemostat to Tie a Clinch Knot

By March 17, 2019No Comments

Tying the clinch knot at your kitchen table is ridiculously easy, and it’s one of the first knots that most anglers use. But what about when your hands are really cold or the light is too low for you to thread the tag end through the loop? Here’s a fast, simple way to tie the knot using a standard hemostat. (The narrator of the video above says “hemostats,” instead of the correct “hemostat,” but I’ll look the other way because of the useful info.)The video , from In the Riffle, is fairly low quality, but you’ll be astonished by how easy the technique demonstrated is. Written By: Phil Monahan Check out more great blogs and fly fishing advice at    ]]>

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