Winter Flies

By January 31, 2017No Comments

We have several different flies that we like to use in the winter months. The most common fly we use is the midge. A midge is typically very small in size and usually dark. The best time of day to fish midges is the warmest time of day. Here in Utah we like to fish from 11-2. That seems to be the absolute best time to catch fish and not freeze to death. 😉 In the winter when fishing midges you can fish both nymphs and dries. The warmer parts of the day usually bring the fish to the surface to eat the adult midges. This can be challenging because the flies are usually small. A common pattern would be the griffith’s gnat in a size 22. Most of the time you won’t see the fly so you have to watch for a take and set the hook. It can be frustrating but if you can find the right fly it can be some of the best fishing of the year. Here’s a list of flies that we like to use in the winter: -Zebra midge -Higa’s SOS -Rainbow warrior -Sow bug -Griffith’s gnat -Matt’s midge -Parachute Adams -San Juan worm -Birchel’s Hatching midge]]>