Winter on the Provo River

By January 16, 2017No Comments

I woke up and the temperature read 23 degrees Fahrenheit on my weather app. I wanted to fish but it didn’t seem too tempting. All I could think about was how my guides were going to ice up and I would spend every 3-4 casts cleaning them out. I finally decided to wader up at home and get warm before I headed out. I made it to the river and it was a little windy which didn’t help the fact it was still in the upper 20’s. As I got to the river I noticed a few fish rising. I got excited and put a size 20 midge on to see if I could take one on a dry. It took a few casts but I fooled one on the midge. After three fish to the net on dries I didn’t see another fish rise. I put the sow bug back on and kept it on the rest of the day. I  sent a message to a couple of friends to see if they wanted to meet up with me on the river. They seemed excited so a couple of hours on the river and they showed up. Not long after Jeff had arrived and he had a fish on. It was the only rainbow of the day and it was a healthy 16 inch fish. We proceeded downstream to fish a few stretches that we always have luck. The fishing wasn’t fast but we all ended up catching a few around each bend and deep run. Jeff and I decided to get in the car and head down to another stretch where the day before I had lost a few fish. The sun dipped behind the mountain and the temps dropped drastically. We only spent an hour there but we ended with a few more fish and even got one double. Get out there and fish no matter what. Even if it seem too cold to fish you might be surprised at how good the fishing can be.]]>