April Showers Bring May Flowers and Trout

By May 29, 2016No Comments

DSCN2059 The cloudy, rainy days the last two months has made for spectacular fishing.  The cool, cloudy weather has been ideal for fish and they have been feeding actively and aggressively nearly everyday this spring.  The large midge hatches on cloudy days have brought the fish to the surface and dry fly fishing has been exceptional. IMG_1908 The wet weather has not only brought amazing fishing the last two months, but it has also brought green, lush meadows and wildflower covered hillsides.  The spectacular green grasses and foliage looks more like New Zealand than eastern Utah.  The wildflowers are breathtaking and have been a photographers dream. Watching trout feeding on midges this spring has been exceptional.  The trout slithering through the water column, slowly rising and sipping midges off the surface of the water.  Here is a great video that shows the beauty of a trout sipping insects off the surface of the water. ]]>