Not Beginners Luck

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fly fishing, utah, fishing, orvis Utah’s Falcon’s Ledge[/caption] At Falcon’s Ledge we like to pride ourselves on teaching newcomers and beginners how to fly fish. We have some of the best instructors in the country that are patient and know how to explain things in a very non intimidating way. [caption id="attachment_52024" align="aligncenter" width="648"]fly fishing, fishing, utah , orvis Learning how to fly cast[/caption] Recently we had a couple of newcomers that wanted to come out and learn the basics of fly fishing so they could go home and be able to get out on their own with a good foundation to get them going. We started the day off by giving a beginner fly casting course on the lawn where we could get them casting good enough to get the flies where they needed in order to catch fish. Dave and Jared caught on very quickly and began getting comfortable with the timing and technique. IMG_6386 In no time we had flies on for them and were on the water practicing everything we went over earlier in the morning. It didn’t take them long to start catching fish. It took a few fish to learn how to set the hook, play and land the fish. After several fish were landed before lunch we decided to head to the river to go over some river fishing. We went over reading water and line management. We arrived at Rock Creek and started out learning how to mend and manage line. Bryan also went over the best places to look for when approaching a river. On Jared’s second cast he caught a beautiful rainbow on a size 10 chubby chernobyl. His first fish on a river!!!! IMG_6680     Dave didn’t take long to get his first fish on a river. He learned that the high mountain trout are fast and very aggressive. It took a couple of tries but he caught his first fish in a river which was also a rainbow. The day ended too quickly but Dave and Jared’s eyes were opened to another world of fishing that had them hooked.   The second day we decided to head over to a lake that had some trophy fish. We wanted to give them the opportunity to catch a big fish. We felt they were ready to tackle the challenge. Things started off a little slow but Dave hooked into a nice rainbow on a chironomid fished under an indicator. Things went slow again but they were patient and kept at it. All of a sudden I hear Bryan Eldredge yell “set!!!” I looked up and saw line ripping off Jared’s reel. It kept going and going. Then the fish was in to the backing. This was a big fish!!! Jared learned how to fight this fish with the help and guidance of Bryan. Bryan stayed calm and let Jared know when to let the fish run and when to reel.  Jared took his time and we finally landed this incredible powerful 24 inch rainbow. IMG_7246   This capped off an incredible two days of fishing. Some would say that this was beginners luck for Jared. We feel that he learned all the basics necessary to be successful the day before while asking questions  and taking notes. Beginners luck? No way!!!!]]>