Summer Dry Fly Action

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Fly Fishing in Utah In June the green and brown drakes hatch in huge numbers on several of the rivers and streams around Falcon’s Ledge and bring the big browns to the surface to feast.  Some of the biggest fish we catch on the rivers in eastern Utah are caught during the drake hatches in June.  In late June the stoneflies begin to hatch on many of our rivers and throwing large stimulators and PMXs to big browns and rainbows is some of the best and most exciting fishing of the year. Brown Trout July brings about some of the best dry fly action of the year.  The yellow sallies hatch off in large numbers in July on a few of our home waters.  The PMDs come out nearly every morning and caddis hatch most evenings, and both of these hatches bring trout to the surface to feast nearly everyday in the morning and evening. Utah fly fishing In August the PMD and caddis hatches continue and stretch the dry fly fishing action all the way until the terrestrial action heats up in late August.  The abundance of grasshoppers, ants, and beetles in the grassy riverbanks and falling in the water brings fish to the surface in late August and through September.  Throwing big hopper, ant, and beetle patterns and having big trout smash them is some of the most exciting fishing of the year and produces endless fun.  From June until October the dry fly action in Utah produces the most exciting fishing of the year.      ]]>