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July has been an amazing month at Falcon’s Ledge.  The rivers have been fishing well and large hatches of PMDs and caddis have produced some great dry fly fishing throughout the month of July.  The PMD and caddis hatches will continue into August and terrestrial fishing is just starting to heat up.  We are looking forward to the great dry fly fishing in August.  Here are some of our favorite terrestrial patterns for the late summer dry fly fishing. 

Parachute Madam X (PMX) are a very versatile terrestrial pattern for imitating grasshoppers and other big bugs in the late summer months.  PMXs come in several colors and can be used on almost every trout river to imitate grasshoppers in different body colors.  PMXs come in red, yellow, green, and royal.  Depending on the grasshoppers in your area you can choose to fish this pattern in several different colors.  We have found the royal and olive color are the most successful in our area.

Schroeder’s Parachute Hopper is a great pattern that works on the rivers around Falcon’s Ledge in the late summer.  It is great for imitating hoppers and can be tied in different sizes and colors to imitate the grasshoppers in your area.   

Sailor Ant is an awesome pattern for fishing both tailwaters and high mountain streams around Falcon’s Ledge Lodge.  The Sailor Ant pattern is foam and floats well, so it is a great pattern for fishing a dry/dropper rig in the late summer.  Trout love ants and eagerly eat this ant pattern in the late summer and fall.  

The Holo Humpy is a great beetle pattern for terrestrial fishing in the late summer and fall.  The Holo Humpy is also a foam pattern, so it floats well to use for dry/dropper fishing in the late summer and fall.  It is a buggy pattern and works great on many rivers and streams in August and September.

August and September is a great time of year on the rivers around northern Utah.  Trout are hungry and are eating big flies.  We hope to see you soon for some terrestrial fishing at Falcon’s Ledge Lodge.

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