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We have made lots of great friends this month from all over the country that have come to Falcon’s Ledge to fish the beautiful rivers and lakes in northeastern Utah. It has been fun to meet great people and help them learn to fly fish on the beautiful streams and lakes on the south slope of the Uinta Mountains. Here are the best Utah streams to fish in northeastern Utah around Falcon’s Ledge in the summer.

Rock Creek is just north of the lodge about 15 miles. Rock Creek is a beautiful canyon in the Ashley National Forest that has a spectacular river to fish. At the top of the canyon is Upper Stillwater Reservoir and adventurous anglers can take a 2-mile hike around the lake and fish the inlet of the lake and the creek above the inlet for beautiful native cutthroat, wild brook trout, rainbow trout, and grayling. Those fishermen that are looking for great fishing and easy access will find that right below the Upper Stillwater Reservoir. Just below the reservoir there are some great fishing holes in Rock Creek and anglers can catch native cutthroat and brook trout on dry flies and nymphs. Further down the canyon rainbows and brown trout are more plentiful than cutthroat and brook trout and fishermen will be rewarded with plenty of hungry fish if they are willing to walk upriver a little.

Yellowstone Creek is about 20 miles northeast of the Falcon’s Ledge Lodge. It is a gorgeous canyon with a great stream to fish. Fishermen that want to catch lots of native cutthroat and wild brook trout can drive to the end of the gravel road and park in the parking lot at the Swift Creek Trailhead. Fishermen that walk up the Yellowstone Canyon Trail a half mile or more will be rewarded with some amazing dry fly fishing in July. Those anglers that hike in even further will find even less pressured water where trout are eager to smash dry flies. Further down near the bottom of the canyon there are more rainbow and brown trout and lucky anglers that put in some time and effort can find some good size brown trout.

July and August are amazing months to be on these two national forest rivers. The dry fly fishing is amazing, and the weather is beautiful in the summer. We hope to see you this summer at Falcon’s Ledge Lodge for a fly fishing trip you’ll never forget.

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