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April is almost over and May is just around the corner. There have been some nice midge and blue-winged olive hatches on the rivers around Falcon’s Ledge in April and the fishing has been good on both the rivers and the lakes.  May brings warmer temperatures and higher water flows on the rivers in our areas. The spring high water can make the river fishing tough during the month of May, but the lake fishing at Falcon’s Ledge continues to be excellent. May is one of the best months of the year to fish the lakes at Falcon’s Ledge.  Here are some tips for fishing both the rivers and the lakes in May. 

The river flows are high in May on most of the rivers around Falcon’s Ledge. The first of May the flows can still be average and the fishing on the rivers can be good.  Midge and blue-winged olive hatches continue and fishing midge emergers and BWO nymphs and emergers are the most productive patterns at the end of April and first part of May. As the flows rise with warmer weather in May the high, dirty water can make fishing on the rivers more difficult in the middle and later parts of May. Using heavy, flashy nymphs and focusing on slower parts of the river is the trick to catch fish with higher water.  Heavy streamers in bright colors such as white, purple, and pink can also be effective when the water is high and dirty. 

The lakes at Falcon’s Ledge fish excellent in May and it might be the best fishing of the year on the Falcon’s Ledge property. The weather in Utah in May is perfect for midges to hatch off the lakes. These large midge hatches and the ideal water temperature in the lakes creates excellent conditions for active, feeding trout. Hanging midges and chironomid patterns off a strike indicator about 3 feet is a perfect way to imitate these hatching midges. Zebra midges, blood midges, and sno-cone chironomids are three of our favorite patterns. Balanced leeches hung off a strike indicator are also a great way to get these fish to eat in May. 

We hope to see you at Falcon’s Ledge for some Utah fishing this May!

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