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April is a great time to be at Falcon’s Ledge. There are geese and ducks around the property and the fishing is good. The ice has just melted off the lakes and the hungry trout are actively feeding on emerging midges and scouring the bottom of the lakes for small crayfish, leeches, and blood worms. 

Fishermen have been coming out the last week and catching lots of great fish.  April is one of our favorite times of the year for many reasons. The weather is mild, the fish are active, the wildlife is abundant, and most days are quiet around the lakes.  Here are a few spring fishing tips at Falcon’s Ledge during the month of April.

Come during the weekdays if you can.  Many of the weekdays in April there is almost no one around and you will have the property mostly to yourself.  The quiet weekdays allow you to see more wildlife and waterfowl around the property.  It also makes the fishing a little better, since the fish see very little pressure during the weekdays.

Fish low and slow during the month of April. In the middle of the day the fish are mainly cruising deeper in the lake for food and are not moving fast yet with the water temperature being cold. There are two ways to fish: low and slow. The first way is to fish with a sinking line and pull a woolly bugger or leech slow and jigging it a little bit. The other way is to fish with a strike indicator and a long leader.  Dropping a midge, balanced leech, or chironomid off a strike indicator about 10 feet and letting it sit so the fish can swim along and find it is a great way to catch fish in April.  For more spring fishing tips read our other blogs on our website. 

We hope to see you out at Falcon’s Ledge this April to enjoy the wildlife and catch some trout!

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