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Pheasant hunting season is in full swing at Falcon’s Ledge Lodge. The Cast and Blast season has ended as the private water has iced up and now we are fully focused on Utah pheasant hunting. The pheasant hunting season on private pheasants hunting preserves in Utah goes from September to the end of March.  Our Utah pheasant hunting grounds are in the Duchesne River wetlands in eastern Utah. We manage over 3,000 acres of farmland and wetland areas for upland bird habitat.  This specially managed habitat is perfect for pheasants and pheasant reproduction creating some of the best pheasant hunting in Utah. 

The cool mornings and warm afternoons in the fall are prime for pheasant hunting in the morning and afternoon trout fishing. Many families and companies take advantage of this special time of year and come from late September to late November to pheasant hunt in Utah and catch large rainbow and brown trout in the afternoons on our private water.  When Thanksgiving comes around and the ice starts to creep onto the lakes and rivers on our private water around the lodge, we hang up the fishing rods for the season and transition solely to pheasant hunting. From December 1 until the end of March the chilly days with a little moisture on the ground creates the perfect pheasant hunting conditions. The chilly weather keeps the dogs cool as the work hard to find and retrieve birds in the thick cover and the moisture on the grass helps them pick up the scent of the pheasants. 

There is something special about this time of year. The skiff of snow on the ground, the crisp air, the quiet, peacefulness, the dogs working through the tall grass, and the raucous call of a rooster as it bursts from the thick cover.  Then going back to the warm lodge to relax and play games by the warm fire with family and friends.  If you want to have more adventure the lakes around the lodge are frozen over and the hungry trout under the ice are ready to bite for anyone wanting to ice fish. This time of year, the quiet and privacy of the lodge is amplified as there is no other fishermen or groups around, so you have a 600 acre canyon and 14,000 square foot lodge all to yourself to relax and unwind after a thrilling day of Utah pheasant hunting. Come and enjoy the wonderful wintertime at Falcon’s Ledge Lodge!

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