Pro Tip: The ONE Thing You Can Do to Become a Better Fly Fisherman

By January 5, 2019No Comments

You have probably heard it a hundred times: “They can’t eat it if they can’t see it.” Being able to get the fly in front of the fish is step one. If you’re not getting the job done, then your fishing is really going to suffer. Every year I see it over and over. I guide out of a driftboat 99.9% of the time, and a boat is only as good as its worst caster. If I have to get the boat positioned so that the client has to be right on top of the fish, then it is going to cost the boat a lot of fish throughout the day. In the heat of the summer, when the water is clear and the fish get spooky, it is imperative that an angler can cast away from the boat. Even smallmouths can get jumpy and the fishing can get more technical than most anglers would think. Being able to cast can be the difference between a good or bad day. Yes, there are many other things that can make or break your day on the water, but if you really step back and think about it, the cast is the most important factor in your success. Even if you have fly-fished for decades, there is still a cast to learn or perfect. That is what makes this sport so special. There is always something to learn or improve on. Heck, I fish very little these days just because I’m guiding so much. (Be careful of what you wish for!) My casting has suffered, and I sometime feel embarrassed when fishing with other accomplished casters. I have no one to blame but myself. I could certainly use the practice and perhaps a lesson or two. Even the greatest golfers in the world have swing coaches. A lesson in anything is never a bad thing. There are also a ton of videos that are available to watch and learn from. Orvis fly casting instructor Peter Kutzer has a number of them, and they are outstanding. (See the full list below.) Do yourself a favor this year and commit to becoming a better caster. It will make the sport more enjoyable, you’ll most likely catch more fish, and it will keep you engaged in a sport where you never stop learning. Written By: Kip Vieth ]]>