Video: Fishing the Green River in Utah

Here is a nicely done video about the beautiful Green River here in Utah. The Green River is one of the most beautiful and well-known tailwater trout fisheries in the United States. Many fishermen from all over the world come to Utah to fish the Green River. It is a spectacular fishery with nearly 10,000 fish per mile. The scenery is breathtaking and the guides are fantastic. We have many guests that stay at Falcon’s Ledge that want to fish the Green. We set them up with a guide for the day and they drive out in the morning, enjoy a beautiful day of fishing, and return to the lodge in the evening to a nice dinner. It is a great way to spend a day in Utah.  Many of these fishermen stay to fish the other spectacular rivers and streams in northern Utah. We have five streams just above Falcon’s Ledge Lodge in the Ashley National Forest that contain gorgeous native cutthroats, wild browns and brooks, and rainbows. Just south of the lodge are the Duchesne and Strawberry Rivers that are spectacular wild brown trout rivers. We love to hear the comment that we frequently get at the lodge, “We came to Utah to fish the Green River, but we loved fishing the Strawberry and Duchesne, they were beautiful brown trout rivers. We also loved the beautiful cutthroat and brook trout fishing on the small streams.”

The diversity of rivers, streams, and lakes in Utah gives fishermen the opportunity to fish a different river or stream every day. It also gives guests the chance to catch a grand slam and other fish species all on the same trip. We like to say here at Falcon’s Ledge that diversity and solitude are our specialty. Many of the rivers and streams we fish you won’t see another guide service all day. We hope to see you soon here in Utah on the Green River or one of the many other beautiful rivers!

Falcon's Ledge Guided Fly Fishing

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