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Falcon’s Ledge Lodge has world-class fly fishing on the property and around the lodge. As September approaches we get extra excited, because we not only have world-class fly fishing in the fall but we have some of the best pheasant hunting in the United States.  Starting in September the Duchesne River Valley just south of Falcon’s Ledge offers amazing pheasant and chukar hunting.  Guests that come to Falcon’s Ledge in late September and October will be able to experience both the world-class fly fishing and premier upland bird hunting all in one trip. 

The Autumn cast and blast season has become one of the most popular times of the year at Falcon’s Ledge Lodge. Fishing groups, family groups, and corporate groups all love this time of year, because they can stay a few days and experience both the amazing fly fishing and spectacular upland bird hunting.  It is a wonderful time of year to be outside hunting and fishing. 

Guests enjoy a hearty breakfast at the lodge before driving down to Falcon’s Ledge’s Pleasant Valley Hunting Grounds in the Duchesne River Valley. The tall grass, cattails, and rushes are perfect upland bird habitat, and the 3,000-acre hunting preserve is teaming with pheasants and chukar partridge. Our professional guides will take you out all morning in some of the best upland bird hunting areas in the world. Their highly trained hunting dogs will amaze you as they run back and forth keeping their noses to the ground looking for pheasants. The rush of a rooster busting out of the thick grass into flight will send your heart racing and make you feel alive. After a full morning of thrilling hunting with highly trained bird dogs you will eat a delicious lunch before heading out on the water to catch some trout. The brown and rainbow trout are active this time of year and love the cool weather of the fall. It is a great time to be out on both the rivers and the lakes fly fishing for hungry trout. The fall colors in the mountains provide a beautiful background for an afternoon of trout fishing making it an amazing experience you will never forget.  

Ask us about renting the entire lodge for a private corporate or family event(435) 454-3737