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Winter hunting and fishing in Utah can be cold and snowy. January has some of the toughest weather of the year with snow storms, wind and cold temperatures, but you can still enjoy hunting and fishing if you have the right clothing and gear. In this blog we will share some of our tips and tricks for staying warm and dry when you are outside hunting and fishing this January and February.

The most important trick we have learned over the years is to wear layers. Wearing layers will help keep you warm, dry, and keep the wind from penetrating your clothing. We like to start with a long-sleeved base layer and add a warm hooded sweatshirt over the top of the base layer. As the outerlayer we like to use a waterproof coat to keep out the rain and snow. You will also want to use a similar strategy for your legs and feet. We like to use a thin base layer pant with thick, warm pants over the top of the base layer. The outerlayer should be a waterproof pant that keeps the snow and water off of your legs. Warm socks on your foot with a waterproof boot will help keep your feet warm and dry. Warm gloves on your hands will help keep your fingers dry and warm and a warm winter hat will help keep your body heat from escaping through your head. Orvis has some great cold weather fishing and bird hunting coats and gloves. You can view their great cold weather gear at

In the last 10 years companies have developed some great heated coats, pants, and socks. We have purchased some of these products and used them while hunting and fishing in Utah during the winter. Many of these products are great and have really helped us stay warm while hunting and fishing in the coldest weather. We like to wear a heated jacket and heated pants just over our base layer and put our waterproof coat and pants over the top of the heated gear. This helps trap the warmth in and keeps the heat close to your body. Heated socks are great when you are wading in cold water during the winter months and really help to keep your toes warm.

Stay warm this winter and we hope to see you out at Falcon’s Ledge this year for some Utah fishing and pheasant hunting!

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