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The stillwaters around Falcon’s Ledge have been fishing very well all of May and the first part of June. Guests at Falcon’s Ledge the last month have fished many of the lakes and ponds around the lodge and had great success. May has had record runoff on many of the Utah rivers. The flows are still high on some Utah rivers, but flows have dropped on some of the Utah rivers around the lodge. The rivers and streams in eastern Utah will start fishing well in the next couple weeks and will fish good the rest of the summer. In this blog we will discuss some of our favorite hatches during late June and early July that we are looking forward to fishing in the next month.

The green drakes will start hatching in about 10 days on some of the rivers around Falcon’s Ledge. The green drake hatch will last for about a week at the end of June. This hatch brings out some big brown trout and several of the rivers in eastern Utah have amazing dry fly fishing the last week of June as the trout feed on adult green drakes.

Caddis begin hatching in large numbers on many of the rivers around Utah in early July. Many evenings in July large caddis hatches come off rivers around Falcon’s Ledge Lodge. Caddis emerger patterns such as klinkhammers work well in the late afternoon and early evening before the hatch starts. Elk hair caddis and goddard caddis are great dry fly patterns in the evenings and night when the adult caddis have hatched.

Pale morning duns also hatch many days in July on the rivers in Utah. These small mayflies hatch off in the early morning and the morning and early afternoon is a great time to fish pale morning dun patterns such as a sparkle dun. In the morning guests will find trout rising to these light-colored mayflies in July and will have good success fishing small mayfly patterns with a light yellow body.

Yellow sallies are also a great hatch in July on many of the rivers in Utah. These small yellow-bodied stoneflies are prolific in many areas around Falcon’s Ledge and hatch in large numbers in late July. From about July 20 to the end of July yellow sallies are hatching on many rivers around Utah.

The end of June and July is some of the best fly fishing of the year on Utah rivers. We hope to see you this summer in Utah to fly fish the great rivers of Utah!

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