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Utah received record breaking amounts of snow this winter, so the May river flows have been very high and the river fishing has been tough. We expect this to continue over the next few weeks until late June with the amount of snow still in the high elevations. Fortunately, the Stillwater fishing on lakes and ponds has been very good in May and will be good in June. In this blog we will discuss the lakes and ponds we enjoy fishing around Falcon’s Ledge and give Utah fly fishermen some good ideas for places to fish during the wild spring runoff this year.

Strawberry Reservoir is a great fishery for cutthroat and rainbow trout. Spring fishing is always good at Strawberry Reservoir and the ice just melted off about two weeks ago and it is a great time of year to be fishing at this reservoir. There are many fish cruising the shallow bays and shorelines in May and June and fly fishing from a float tube or pontoon boat close to shore is a great way to catch fish. Leeches and woolly buggers stripped on an intermediate or full sink line is a great way to catch nice cutthroats. Balanced leeches hung underneath a strike indicator about 8 to 15 feet is also a great way to catch trout during the May and June fishing.

Falcon’s Ledge has eight private stillwaters on our property and May and June are two of the best months of the year to fish these stillwaters for large trout. The fishing has been amazing in May and we have seen many trout caught between 20 and 30 inches. Evenings in May and June get some great midge hatches and midges and chironomids dropped off a strike indicator is a great way to catch rainbows. Leeches and woolly buggers stripped on an intermediate or full sink line is a very effective technique to catch brown and tiger trout.

Six Lakes Fishing Preserve just down the road from Falcon’s Ledge is also a great option for Utah fly fishermen during May and early June. Six Lakes is a great fishing preserve for fly fishermen that want a small lake experience that they can have privacy and get out on their float tube or pontoon boat and catch some large trout. It finishes very similar to Falcon’s Ledge in the spring months and fishermen will have great success with midge and chironomids under a strike indicator or stripping a woolly bugger or leech pattern.

There are lots of great stillwater fishing options in Utah right now. Give us a call if you need advice or want to get out and catch some trout this spring!

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