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The fishing has been fantastic in May and we expect the fishing to continue to be amazing over the next month.  The midge hatches have been coming off most evenings and the damselfly larvae have been getting active over the last week.  Here are a few tips for fly fishing in May and June at Falcon’s Ledge Lodge. 

Midges hatches have been coming off most evenings.  The fish have been focusing on these emerging midges and feeding heavily.  A great technique is to drop a sno-cone chironomid, zebra midge or crystal midge off a strike indicator about three to five feet.  Cast to rising fish in the evenings and let it sit.  This is a very effective technique during these evening midge hatches. 

The damselfly larvae are getting active in the weed beds of the lakes. Big rainbows and brown trout are cruising the edges of the weed beds looking for swimming damselfly larvae.  Stripping olive damselfly nymphs and small green woolly buggers along these weed beds will attract these big trout and produce some great fish over the next few weeks.  Olive balanced leeches are also a great way to attract these big trout feasting on damselfly larvae.  Balanced leeches work great off a strike indicator about 3 to 4 feet.  Cast them along the edge of weed beds and let it sit until a big fish comes along and takes it.

The rivers around Falcon’s Ledge are already fishing pretty good. In a couple of weeks, the green drakes will start hatching and the fishing on the rivers will get good.  June is one of our favorite months of the year at Falcon’s Ledge. The lakes fishing spectacular with the midge and damselfly hatches and the rivers fish well as the green drakes begin hatching.  

Give us a call and come out and experience the amazing fishing around Falcon’s Ledge in June!

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